It’s our second Thanksgiving in Florida. Where does the time go? I always reflect back on my life especially on this day. Don’t know why especially on this day but that’s the way goes. I’m in babble mode cause I have to get this out. Looking back even though I’ve made a shitload of mistakes, regrets are very few. I don’t know if regrets are healthy to hold on to or not. Guess thats why you have to look at it, learn, grow and build something better. I’m grateful for my wife. I’m grateful for our life together.

Elusive Hummingbird

I’m grateful for many things in my life. Expressing them is difficult though. Its like I have all these thoughts inside my head wanting to burst out but bottled up inside my head. I think I just need to babble. When I stop to think what thought in my head I want to jot down next, everything gets jammed up and I  shut down. So I just need to babble without thinking too much.

Out for a ride

Philadelphia is a good bike town. I like riding around the Art Museum area and riding along the Schuylkill River trail on Kelly Drive. On Sundays they close West River Drive to motorists. I was able to comfortably stop on the Drive and capture this lovely view.

Hello world!

I am starting from scratch on my blog and this is the first post! I belong to a photography group that meets up for photo walks once a month at different locations around the city. This time around we met at Elfreth’s Alley. Just for the fun of it there was a photo contest this month and this is the image I submitted.

The  last house on the left on Elfreth’s Alley. Standing in the doorway was a contractor working on the renovation. I asked if I could walk in and take a look. I found this amazing spiral staircase inside.